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Come together for the biggest yoga celebration in Stockholm! 



This Yoga Event has connected the community, helped yogis grow their practice and offered life-altering discoveries for people all over the world.

Join Stockholm’s IYD celebrations and step into a new world, with new friends, new moves, new ideas, and a more peaceful and harmonious you.

Get inspired by renowned teachers, experts, fellow yogis & yoga lovers.

What do I need to participate? All you need to do is register and show up! No previous experience is necessary. Just put on a comfortable outfit and be ready for a wonderful day! 


Yoga sessions with local and 

International teachers

Live meditation


Special guests & Keynote Speakers

And more than 100 cities

celebrating  together

across the world!

Yoga brings equilibrium in the mind. When you can do any action with mindfulness, you are aware of what you are saying or doing, this makes you a yogi. 

Waterfront Congress Centre
Nils Ericsons Plan 4, 111 64
Stockholm, Sweden 

Date: 16th June
Time: 10.00-12.00
Venue: Valhalla Sporthall A-Hall

Address: Valhallagatan 3
Contact: goteborg@artofliving.se

International Yoga Day celebrations in other cities

Date: 15th June  
Time: 10.00-13.00
Venue: Good morning Hotel Malmö  
Address: Stadiongatan 21  
Contact: malmo@artofliving.se

Date: 16th June
June 10:00-13:00
Venue: Västerås Vasaparken
Contact: rkanchan@gmail.com

Date: 16 June 
Time: 10.00-13.00
Venue: Elite Stadshotellet Karlstad
Address: Kungsgatan 22  
Contact: inger.gunnarsson@artofliving.se

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Swami Jyothirmayah

He is a highly regarded international teacher of yoga and meditation. Being an international faculty for The Art of Living Foundation and a disciple of world-renowned spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, he’s a living example of being successful, stress-free and happy through the power of meditation.

He travels across the globe sharing this knowledge to packed audiences, conducting numerous workshops, and teaching powerful techniques for a healthier, happier and more relaxed life.

Swamiji connects instantly with people, simplifying ancient wisdom with his joyful presence; and those who’ve experienced his teachings agree that in his presence, amazing transformations take place.



Come together for the biggest yoga celebration in Stockholm! 


Veenu Soni

She is a Teacher of Indian Culture at the Embassy of India in Stockholm and is deputed to spread awareness about Yoga, Sanskrit & Indian culture and philosophy.

Her expertise: Yogic science & Yoga, alternative therapies and Holistic Health, Workshops on Stress Management, Mantra Chanting. Since August 2018 she has been working with various associations and institutions in Stockholm and has already spread Yogic awareness to more than 1000 people.

Masoud Mojdani 

He started his yoga journey in the blue mountains in Australia quite spontaneously where he had a 10-days of silent meditation course without knowing anything about yoga. These 10 days offered just the spark he needed and came to transform him completely. 

Over the past years, he has attended more meditation retreats, both outside and in Sweden. After some years, he felt an urge to share and therefore decided to travel to India for a yoga teacher training program in Rishikesh. Currently, he offers classes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin and Meditation at Yogansa in Stockholm. 

Malin Berghagen

Malin Berghagen is a Swedish actress and writer who fell in love with yoga 21 years ago.  Malin is passionate about the inner journey that yoga makes possible and the meeting with her inner voice and her heart.

"The original yoga has EVERYTHING we need. Creating an own design of the yoga and creating your own label shows to me that there is still much left to work with the ego. For whom do you create a new yoga form? All exercises are still from the Indian origin. I often hear that they like Malin's yoga and that makes me happy. But it comes from their experience of me. Not my own need. I practice yoga where my heart leads me. Where my breath and my asanas along with the meditation lead me and it is without titles and names. It's yoga. A meeting with my body, my soul and my breath. "

Oscar Elmgren

Oscar, being a Swede, a very health conscious individual, exploring various possibilities in his life. He got interested in yoga after he attended a meditation retreat and realized that there was a deep knowledge about inner wellbeing in the Indian and yogic culture. His quest for knowledge led him to explore more about yoga and found Isha Foundation’s flagship program Inner Engineering. 

In 2018 Oscar went through 1750 hours of intense training in the serene atmosphere of Isha Yoga Centre, graduating as Hatha Yogi ready to spread the knowledge imparted to him by a living master. He has been teaching Hatha Yoga in Gothenburg and Sweden